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Brains Different From Computers

Brains consist of cells called neurons and they connect with millions of other neurons and information gets transferred across connection gaps called synapses. Inside the cells data are processed which gives rise to an idea, concept or understanding. Computers are built of hardware chips and the central processing unit (CPU) processes data after receiving them… Read More »

Finding Performance Optimizer

Performance optimizers are software utilities that allow you to ensure your PC is automatically optimized and its performance maximized. These tools should also allow you to keep your PC running at peak performance. When too many of your resources are being occupied unnecessarily or beyond certain levels that you have established, the software should warn… Read More »

Time To Warm Up Your PC

Common causes of freezing: Low memory Low disk space Fragmented disk Too many programs open simultaneously Low CPU speed Corrupt files Software bugs Overheating – random lockups that start several minutes after you start up the PC are often the result of the processor cooling fan not working properly Some non-standard applications are suspect with… Read More »