Full Motion Video

By | January 30, 2019

Uses in military

Warfare seems to have moved to a whole new different level. There are the military strategists trying to come up with new methods of warfare that are more effective to use. The main things it is used in are drones or the unmanned aircraft systems so as to get some visual surveillance in new environments, especially when they need to know exactly what they are dealing with.

This is also applied in the urban warfare. This is mainly where counterterrorist and counterinsurgency missions occur. When this is the case, the troops usually rely on the teams offering reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence so as to get air surveillance throughout. This is also the only way in which such troops can get very swift airlift support and a great precision when it comes to airstrike’s.

By using the full motion video, there is the ability to sweep a vast area and detect activity if any. They are also able to look at some of the areas that are key for many hours or even days if it is required. They are also offered airlift support very swiftly when it is necessary. With the technology in place, it is possible to complete a full target cycle in a matter of minutes.

The contribution FMV has made

The full motion video is the main key that has brought about all those breakthroughs in the military and other areas. FVM is able to provide a close-up view on command, of areas that are combat zones. Without the technology in place, this would have been impossible to achieve unless you are there physically. Commanders are able to make sound decisions and also execute different missions at a very safe distance. No one in the troop is endangered unnecessarily.

Without FMV in place inside the on-board cameras of aircraft, it would be impossible for anyone to navigate drones at a remote location on the ground.

Full motion video is able to add an imagery that is fourth dimension and this is an ability to actually track all activities over time. With the technology, you will enjoy a great event fidelity as well as Event progression that are seamless. You can also enjoy the whole context that regards the very nature of a location and all the activities that are actually going on there.