Classroom Technology

By | January 29, 2019

IWB, digitized white board

IWB is nothing but a huge digitized board which projects the content of the laptop computer on to the screen through projector. The user needs to use his finger or pen to operate the smart board. You could adjust the size of the text or image on the white board and highlight the important points directly on the board using your finger tip or pen provided with IWB.

The perfect tool for presentation

It is perfect tool for presenting lessons in the class room in a professional way. It has been proved that teaching with the help of interactive whiteboard actually increases the interest of the students to learn. It has also been proved that teachers are able to teach without tiredness. You could open any file or run any application or surf the net using IWB. With its unique features and capability, the usage of the IWB has gradually increased all over the world. It is estimated that in two to three years, most of the schools would start teaching their students using IWB. Educational institution which would like to provide the students, a quality and healthy education could use IWB. This is veracious because the study conducted on the impact of IWB has showed that the technological device has improved the student’s interest in education dramatically.

To set up the smart board in the classroom, you need to spend at least $5000 including the expense on computer, IWB, projector and software installation. The functionality of the smart board is simple and anyone could understand easily and start working with it quickly.

There are many kinds of whiteboards available in the market. However vast majority of IWB’s fall into one of the five boards listed below:

Resistive touch based IWB

Resistive touch based IWB, is a touch based one where the user needs to use finger or other pointing device to operate the screen. It is very easy and natural to use and you could navigate from one to another using any device like stick, ball or pen.