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Military Applications

With a product range that includes the Phantom 3 and the Inspire 1, their products are widely used around the world in a number of different industries including farming and policing. DJI’s devices have also been associated with the solution to many natural disasters as drones can be used to hunt for hurricanes or search… Read More »

Brains Different From Computers

Brains consist of cells called neurons and they connect with millions of other neurons and information gets transferred across connection gaps called synapses. Inside the cells data are processed which gives rise to an idea, concept or understanding. Computers are built of hardware chips and the central processing unit (CPU) processes data after receiving them… Read More »

3D Printing for Color Copiers

Pricing The price of the average copier depends on its applications and functions. Today’s printers are typically priced based on output capacity, WiFi capabilities, the tray capacity, touch-screen options, and other features. These are all additions and enhancements to the same basic machine which produces the same product, printed paper. Though all these advancements are… Read More »

IT Companies

Companies that offer the support, integration, design and also facilitate other critical parts of the IT environment are a worthy collaborator. Offering a wide array of services that are meant to improve enterprises, these solutions will generate the growth of important areas of one’s business. Power, safety and an operational flux that always delivers the… Read More »

MacBook Pro

Start with the design both inside and out. The Pro has an aluminum body, solid state design, and a Core i7 processor. It is more powerful yet thinner and lighter than its predecessors. Try 17% thinner, a significant difference. Two sizes are available. A smaller 13 inch version weighs in at just three pounds. The… Read More »

Areas of 3D Scanning

Prototype This process can be applied to prototype phase in different kinds of ways, but the major use is to reduce design cycles needed in the prototyping. When 3D scans are used in designing a part, the accurate data makes it possible to utilize precise measurements of the physical product reducing the process by a… Read More »

Networking Basics

Switches In a campus or building, switches are used to connect many devices on a network. For instance, switches are used to connect computers, scanners, printers and servers, establishing a solid web of shared resources. Aside from this, switches also act as a controller and allow many devices to communicate with each other. Switches save… Read More »

Hotmail IMAP Settings

To add the Hotmail account to the Mac: Login to the Hotmail Then select the Mail option and then do the click on the Add Account from the pull-down menu Then do the click on the ‘Add Other Mail Account’ and then enter the details of the Hotmail account Now Press the Alt (Option) button… Read More »

Magnet Card Readers

Types of magnetic readers There are many types of these card readers that are ideal for different uses. There are those that are ideal for use in retail stores, restaurants, and other vending areas. These aid in processing debit, credit, and gift card payments. There are others that are effective in reading smartcards. These read… Read More »

Convert PDF to Word

Online Due to the need of converting PDF to Word, developers have come up with tools that you can use in converting your document from PDF to Word. To convert your document you need to find a reputable online converter. There are many review sites that will guide you on choosing the right tool. When… Read More »